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Templeton Farm is proud to raise all natural grass fed beef. Our customers have discovered the great flavors of not only lean, but also delicious tasting beef.

Our Angus and Hereford cattle feed on lush green pastures on our farm in East Montpelier Vermont. These animals are raised in a natural low-stress environment, they are completely growth hormone and antibiotic free, resulting in a natural beef product that is exceptionally flavorful. Raising grass fed cattle this way takes 6-8 months longer to reach a marketable weight than store bought feed lot beef. We feel it is well worth the extra time. We care deeply for our animals, they are furnished high quality grass feed, ample water and provided total humane treatment.

We provide our customers a service few farms can offer. At Templeton Farm you deal directly with the farmers that produced your food and can view the bountiful land it was harvested from. Whether you want 1 pound of burger, 10 pounds of steaks or roasts, or maple syrup we have this available right here at our farm. Contact us for a convenient time to purchase your beef and maple items or visit our new farm store at 3410 Center Road.

Health Benefits:

Grass fed beef has so much to offer!

  • Naturally lean, lower in fat and calories
  • Nutritious:
    • Higher in Vitamins A and E
    • Full of Omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids. CLAs are the good fats. A diet higher in Omega-3 oils is better for your heart, brain and liver functions.
    • The same Omega-3 oils that are found in Salmon are actually more prevalent in grass fed beef (2001 Iowa State University study).
  • It's SAFE!
    • Our beef is processed in a USDA certified facility, which is required by federal and state law.

It makes Economic Sense!

We sell our beef by individual cuts, by the half, by the whole, or 10 to 50 pound boxlots. Customers ordering a half side or whole will need to fill out an individual cut sheet to get the specific cuts you want. You can choose from various types of steaks, roasts and of course plenty of great tasting hamburg (view available cuts). Please give us a call and we will be happy to help you with ordering.

Each half of beef weights between 250 - 350 pounds, a whole will weigh between 500 - 600 pounds. Putting a deposit of $350.00 down in the summer will reserve your half or whole for the fall. See Cuts and Pricing for more information and pricing. All beef is cryovacked in individual packages with USDA stamp on each label. For additional information, see our Fact Sheet.

View instructions, then print and complete this PDF version of the Cut Sheet.