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Cut Sheet and Ordering Details

Instructions and Suggestions for Completing Beef Cut Sheets

  • Please see attached, completed sample cut sheet
  • Print a new Cut Sheet
  • Go to our Cuts & Pricing page. Put cursor on each type of cut for description. Use this information to complete your cut sheet.
  • If there are any cuts you do not see and wish to have write in on the left side of the cut sheet.
  • When you select cuts of beef from the cut sheet and you do not select short ribs or brisket your burger will have a slightly higher fat content
  • If you prefer to order a lot of hamburg, steak or roasts indicate that on the cut sheet.
  • The hamburger you will receive is approximately 80 - 85% lean. If you want more hamburger, put HB to the left of a particular cut.
  • If you want a Prime Rib, check the 'roast' option next Rib and write Prime Rib.
  • If you want Delmonico Steaks (which is deboned rib-eye), check the 'steak' option next to Rib and write Delmonico.
  • London Broil is a cooking term, not a cut of steak.
  • If you want London broil, check shoulder steaks and write London Broil to the left.
  • If you want more Tenderloin, check the 'steaks' option next to Tenderloin, then check the 'no' option next to T-Bones and write Strip Steak to the left of the T-Bone cut.
    NOTE: There are only "eight" tenderloin steaks in the entire beef carcus.
  • If you want Kabobs, write Kabob to the left of Sirloin or Sirloin Tip.
  • Request suet for the birds if you wish.
  • Beef heart is a very lean meat, we use it in stews with stew beef which makes a very tasty beef stew.
  • Anyone who orders liver will receive approximately 4, 1 lb. packages per half or side of beef
  • If you do not care for heart, liver and tongue cut it up and it makes excellent dog food for your pet.
  • Don't forget dog bones, they come cut up and in plastic bags which can be kept frozen.
  • Fill out Cut Sheet by hand and either scan or mail back to us so we can process your order please.

Industry Standard for Determining Yield & Cost of Beef Hanging Weight / Actual Meat Purchased

  1. Live weight of beef animal (pounds)
  2. Hanging weight of beef animal in butcher shop is 60% of the live weight
  3. Actual meat yield from a beef animal is 60-65% of the hanging weight
  4. Bone and fat make up 35-40% of the hanging weight
  5. An number of factors will determine final yield of beef. These are due to the type of breed, eg. Angus, Hereford, etc., feeding program, grass and corn or grass only and the age at butchering. Coming up with exact percentages is nearly impossible, so we have gone with averages provided by our butcher shop.
  1. 1000 pound beef animal
  2. Hanging weight would be approximately 600 pounds for the entire animal
  3. Actual meat yield is approximately 360-390 pounds
  4. Bone and fat would weigh approximately 210-240 pounds
  5. Cost to consumer is the hanging weight multiplied by the cost per pound - 600 pounds hanging weight X $5.25 per pound = $3150.00. Therefore purchasing a whole animal is $3150.00. A half, (sometimes referred to as a side) would be $1575.00

Percentage of Cuts of Beef from a Beef Carcass

  • 31% - Steaks
  • 31% - Roasts
  • 38% - Ground Beef and Stew Meat

Print and complete this PDF version of the Cut Sheet.
View completed sample cut sheet