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Templeton Farm
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Thoughts about Templeton Farm


This thought has crossed my mind several times in recent weeks, but usually when I am driving, and not able to write something.

I realized at and after cidering that in a very substantial way, Templeton Farm for me has a "rooted" quality and association- like a home that is stronger roots than anyplace that I am more formally "from" (the area around my home was unrecognizable to me even the last time I briefly stopped through, which was 15 years ago, so I can only imagine what it is like now).

Life has had so many changeables- marriage, divorce, career triumphs and career setbacks, unpredictable and unsettling world events- but steady through it all is that very special place that your family has built and nurtured (and that in turn has nurtured your family) for so long, and that I am honored to have in some way (however minor) been a part of/ had a connection with. When I am there, or even pass by on my way to or from somewhere else, it's a powerful reminder that whatever else seems amiss in the world or in life, there are some special places and people that are powerfully, positively, rock solid in their goodness.


Trevor Lewis
A family friend