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Farm updates & our grass-fed beef

Harvest Moon licks her lips after having some milk from her mom. Photo credit: Clara Ayer.

Dear Customers,

We hope this message finds you enjoying your summer. The cows arenít complaining about all the rain because it makes the grass grow at astronomical rates! The cows are so happy, surrounded by tall green grass. Here is a reminder to stock up your freezer with delicious grass-fed beef from Templeton Farm this fall.

In farm updates, we are building a new pole barn structure in order to store hay. With this barn, feed quality will drastically improve, staying dry and nutrient-rich all winter. The new structure will be christened with a celebration of our son Seth and his future wife Natalieís marriage this fall! We also had four calves born on the farm this year: Harvest Moon (pictured above), Turkey (born on Thanksgiving morning!), Sunny Maple, and Cher.

In order to have an adequate supply of beef for our ever-increasing customer base, we have increased the number of cows on the farm. In light of the rapidly escalating beef prices, a half of cow is by far the most economical way to provide your family with healthy, local, tasty grass-fed beef. In purchasing a half, you can custom select your favorite cuts. Templeton Farmís 2015 price for halves is $5.25/lb. Our farm uses no hormones, no antibiotics. The beef grass fed, without being crowded into a feed lot. Consider buying a half this fall and reaping the benefits of easy, convenient pick up and one-stop shopping. We also offer 30 and 50 pound boxes of beef for $247.50 and $412.50 consecutively. This is a popular choice for smaller families or for those who donít have extra freezer space.

For ordering halves, please send a $350 deposit with all of your contact information. I will send another reminder as we get closer to the fall.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Bruce, Janet, Seth Chapell & Natalie Jarnis