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2016 Maple Season wrap-up for Templeton Farm


Well folks the 2016 maple season officially came to a close for us on Saturday April 9th. We shut down the Shumlin/ Jersey Ledges bush on Friday as the sap was milky. Brought some good helpers in on Saturday morning and by noon all the spouts were pulled, sap tanks washed and the main lines across Pete and Katie's pond were down and stowed away for another year.

Late Saturday afternoon we boiled in the sap from just our woods, sugar content was only 1%, the RO did its job and I concentrated it up to 9%. We made 22 gallons of dark, very strong syrup. Decided there was no need to make any more of this and called it a season. The grand total for the year is 1050 gallons, .40 gallons of syrup per tap, certainly an outstanding year in quality and quantity. This represents a 30% increase over our average annual production. Once again "Mother Nature" along with good equipment, management and hard work made the difference, a record that will be hard to repeat.

I have reminisced several times during the season about the fact that my dad, Roger and grandmother Alice could never have imagined that Templeton Farm could ever produce such a bountiful crop. I guess it is fitting after 30 years of sugaring on this farm myself that the 8th generation, Ryan, Seth & Natalie along with our fabulous crew all helped to bring in the biggest crop in the 206 year history of Templeton Farm. My forefathers would be proud.

Thanks to all who help us throughout the season we could not have done do it without your help.

Bruce, Janet, Ryan, Seth, Natalie and the great crew who produce Templeton Farm maple syrup