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Maple Sugaring @ Templeton Farm 2022 update


Cold day so I have a chance to write. We tapped trees on Feb. 12th, smaller crew, but we had things wrapped up by sundown, our long time friends Mary and Raynee came up from NH to assist in this tradition. The whole family has been working on getting equipment in order and checking vacuum leaks. Our outstanding vacuum crew of Seth, Natalie, Ryan, Michelle, Froggy and longtime friend and sugarmaker from Cabot Ken Denton really got things tightened right up. We are running 27” of vacuum on all 3 bushes. A little worried about vacuum levels today after last night’s high winds.

While Sherry and I were away in Florida the boys surprised us and took on another 1000 taps on Tom Morse’s land, This brings our total taps to 3600. For those of you who did not know, Tom was the son of the famed sugaring Morse family here in East Montpelier. He was a close friend of the boys, he died unexpectedly last fall. I am sure Tom is looking down on all the activity on his sugarwoods with a smile on his face knowing that his old friends are sugaring his land.

Our first boil was on Feb. 23rd which ties as the earliest start date in 37 years. The light syrup was amber rich and excellent flavor.

As if there were not enough things to be concerned about the latest is a shortage of maple containers in the states. There is as shortage due to covid (just like everything else we all need). We thankfully sourced all of our containers from Canada, you may hear more about this in the future. Our good friend and fellow sugarmaker James Buck is working at the state level to come up with a solution.

Our plans at this point are to boil tomorrow and Friday of this week.

That’s all for now from Templeton Farm,

Mapleman, Sherry, Seth, Natalie, Breanna, Sofia, Ryan & Michelle