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2021 sugaring season for Templeton Farm


We finished late last night with 695 gallons of syrup, 2/3 of a crop, last year we made over 1200 gallons (our best year ever) we shoot for a 1000 gallons. Here are a few notes about our 2021 season.

  • The sugar content of the maple sap was very low, 1.2% - 1.5% , we usually get 2% - 2.10 % which reduced our total yield.
  • All of our syrup produced this year was dark robust and very dark, we usually make all the grades
  • Syrup flavor was good
  • Had a very difficult time filtering the syrup this year, why I don’t know, ended up dumping down the drain 10-15 gallons
  • We were not the only sugarmakers with issues above, almost everyone I spoke to in Vt. & NH had the same problems which will result in lower than average production region wide
  • As I think about all of these production issues all I can think of is the drought last summer probably stressed the trees to a point where we are seeing low sugar content and darker than normal grades of syrup, God only knows

Thanks Again to all our family and friends who helped us out this year producing our maple crop, we could not do it without you,

Bruce, Sherry, Seth, Natalie, Breanna & Sofia