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2017 Maple Season wrap-up for Templeton Farm


I wanted to pass along a quick summary of this year's season. Family and friends came together to help us produce a great maple crop in our 31st year of operation. We tapped 2600 trees on 2/18 which was the beginning of a winter warm spell, 4 days later we were boiling in the first sap of the season. This was one of the quickest turnarounds from tapping to production we have ever experienced and the earliest start date ever. We produced some fabulous light syrup right off and made more syrup in February than we have ever produced in the past. Once we hit March we had multiple subzero weather events which temporarily shut down the season and made for difficult conditions. Throughout the month we kept getting some minor warm ups. Once April arrived the weather changed and we began to make some good amount of syrup. We finished up on April 10th with 1075 gallons of syrup, the most we have ever made. Overall the maple flavor this season was better than average, maple sap sugar content was right about 2% which is average, production was .41 gallons per tap which is very good. The season was long and at times very challenging with the extreme cold. We have some major plans for this year with the replacement of our 23 year old evaporator, it was purchased by a farm in Guilford, Vt. Seth & I are currently negotiating on a new more energy efficient model. We are also renovating and enlarging the sugarhouse. This will be the 3rd addition to the building since it was constructed in 1985.

One of the biggest highlights of the season was the early April announcement from Seth and Natalie that they were going to have a baby, by late April it was twins! We could not believe the good news, the 9th generation descendants of the Templeton Family will be arriving in October.

I have include some pictures from our annual sugar on snow gathering, April 9th.

Thanks again to all the wonderful folks who help us produce a maple crop year after year, we could not do it without you.

The Chapell Family