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Notes of Interest

04.10.2020    2020 sugaring season
A season under the cloud of coronavirus..
03.23.2019    Maple Open House
This year's maple sugaring season a blast from the past..
10.17.2017    Thoughts about Templeton Farm
Templeton Farm for me has a "rooted" quality and association..
08.31.2017    Templeton Farm Annual Beef Sale
Im writing to remind you about our Annual Fall Beef Sale..
05.09.2017    2017 sugaring season - 31st year of operation
Big changes on the way for next season..
04.12.2016    2016 sugaring season - A record year
Well folks the 2016 maple season officially came to a close for us on Saturday April 9th..
12.30.2015    Recipe: Beef & Parmesan Meatballs
Templeton Farm Beef & Parmesan Meatballs
07.14.2015    Farm updates & our grass-fed beef
We hope this message finds you enjoying your summer. The cows arenít complaining..
05.16.2015    Wrapping up the 2015 sugaring season
A number of you have asked me what's going with sugaring this year and we have..
01.25.2015    Water polution in Lake Champlain
Fox 44 news story from Templeton Farm...
09.16.2014    Templeton Farm's Secret Beef Marinade
Juicy and flavorful, this marinade is a sure bet...
05.7.2014    Weather problems drive up beef prices sharply
The price of beef in most stores is at a record...
05.12.2014    Templeton Farm Wins Award for Outstanding Maple Syrup
Vermont Maple Festival award winners...
04.23.2014    Maple Sugaring in Vermont from the sky!
Check out the video of our operation from above...
04.23.2014    Wrapping up the 2014 sugaring season
The last time I sent this out we were just beginning to produce maple syrup.
03.31.2014    First boil of 2014
Well, after having our trees tapped for 6 weeks we were finally able to boil Sunday.
08.22.2013    Steak Marinade - All you need to know
Marinade (MAIR-uh-naid) is a savory acidic sauce in which food is soaked to enrich its flavor or to tenderize it
08.22.2013    Recipe: Steak Marinade
This blend of soy sauce, balsamic vingar, and Worcestershire sauce makes an easy and tasty marinade for steak
08.22.2013    Recipe: Beef Brisket
A tried and true beef brisket recipe we use on Templeton Farm
08.22.2013    Recipe: Maple Eggnog
This century-old local sweetner is primed for your post-Prohibition pleasure
11.29.2012    Conservation Steward of the Year Award
We are proud to share that we were awarded the Conservation Steward of the Year Award
07.01.2012    Local paper features the Chapell family and Templeton Farm Beef and Maple
History of the Chapell Family and Templeton Farm
04.18.2012    Steak Holders
Vermonters can't get enough local meat ó and that's good news for beef farmers.
03.15.2012    'Pink Slime' For Lunch: Schools Can Opt Out Of Ammonia-Treated Ground Beef Filler
"Pink slime" might soon have a leaner presence in public schools than many might have initially anticipated.
05.24.2011    Maple Syrup-A Sweet Surprise
Maple Syrup Contains Numerous Compounds With Real Health Benefits.
01.10.2011    Humane Heft
Vermont strengthens its oversight of humane handling in local slaughterhouses following the Bushway incident.